Products For Custom Stamps

At Devore Engraving we provide a full range of machine stamp products, custom stamps, and engraving and embossing capabilities. Call Devore Engraving and receive a quote for your custom stamp product needs.

Devore Engraving's Custom Stamps and Products

Machine Stamps

Full service engraving shop from machining to specialized heat treating. Our lead times are competitive and based on customer needs.

Custom Hand Stamps

Any logo or part identification can be duplicated. Stock items also available.

Emboss Dies

Devore Engraving can incorporate your logo or type and create embossing / debossing dies that you can use to leave a long lasting impression on your product.

Roll Dies

Roll dies can be manufactured with any size or amount of lettering in one or more lines.

Metal Packaging Marking Stamps

These stamps are for die location marking in the can manufacturing, metal packaging and food & beverage industries. Size and shape of the stamp will vary depending on the customers needs. Parts can be heat treated and coated as needed by the customer.

Custom Machine Parts

Dies or stamps can be custom made per customer needs. Unusual shaped stamps to fit into an existing die can be machined as needed by the customer.

Custom Stamp with Year

Year stamps with or without a country of origin are a common product at Devore Engraving. Lettering can be cut straight or on a curve as needed. Die can be machined and ground to size per customer needs.

Custom Logo Engraving Stamps (Eagle Stamp)

Custom logos can be created or duplicated from customer files or prints.  We here at Devore Engraving will work with the client to make sure their logo turns out exactly how they need for their marking purposes.

This stamp started out as a sketch. We worked with the customer to produce the exact stamp that they needed. Heat treating and coating are also provided as need by the customer.

Insert Holders

Custom insert holders can be designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Holders can be made to customer prints or designed in-house to fit a preexisting die.

Small Machine Stamps

Small, detailed machine stamps are one of our specialties at Devore Engraving. Stamps can be made to size as needed by the customer.