Custom Machine Parts

Custom Machine Parts

At Devore Engraving, we offer CNC machining services for the production of custom-engraved stamps. Our CNC and CAD capabilities allow us to machine and engrave custom steel stamps for a variety of industries. These stamps include:

  • Industrial Steel Stamps
  • Custom Steel Dies
  • Custom Hand Stamps
  • Custom Roll Dies
  • Custom Embossing Dies Sets
  • Custom Inserts for Holders

In the photo example above, our client needed a stamp with a specific shape so that it could be inserted into the die in one direction. The client provided prints, and our staff machined a blank from rectangular stop and machined and ground it to height. We then drilled a starter hole for the rectangular key to be wired out. We then made a fixture in-house to hold the part while lettering was engraved on its top face. In general, these type of custom stamps get either a month or year code engraved for stamping.

Our capabilities include:

  • Aluminum, Brass, Plastic or Steel Plate Engraving
  • Machining parts with either a flat or curved surface
  • Single line or multiple line marking
  • Turning 2D artwork and raw steel into a finished steel part

Our professional staff and master craftsmen have the ability to produce components with the most technical and precise quality criteria. By combining our engineering and machining capabilities, we can take your project from prototype to production-level manufacturing. Our machined parts and customized stamps are constructed of premium quality materials and are designed to stand up to repeated impact. These customized stamps can be produced to mark almost any surface contour and can be created from a customer supplied drawing.

Whether your job requires alphanumerics, serialization, barcodes, 2-D symbologies, logos, graphics, artwork, high-precision graduated scales or hard-to-reach surfaces, at Devore Engraving we can take care of it all.

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