Metal Engraving For Leatherworkers

Stamping Dies for Leatherworking

Devore Engraving is a full-service shop that offers custom engraving, can stamping, embossing, and dies engraving. We have been engraving steel stamps, embossing dies, embossing roll dies, steel die engraving, roll die duplication, and mold inserts and marking roll dies since 1963. From our earliest days in business, Devore Engraving has been innovative and forward-thinking; we even offered three-dimensional engraving from day one – a process that later became an industry standard.

Today, more than ever, many industries rely on roller dies and embossing roll dies to mark their products. These dies have become increasingly popular because they are durable and long-lasting, and because they are made from quality materials. Our material selection includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Leather

Why Use An Embossing Die or Embossing Roller?

Embossing rollers are used to transfer patterns to a substrate, like leather. At Devore Engraving, we have multiple surface finish roller bases for high performance and long-term wear resistance. And for any unusual marking problems you may have, our design staff can duplicate parts or prints to your required specification. With our CNC and CAD capabilities, we can create custom dies with fair prices and fast lead times.

Types of Metal Stamping We Offer

Stamps can be used to mark:

  • Part Numbers
  • Dates
  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Custom or Special Designs

If you want to repeat an image or design along leather strips such as belts, we have the ability to manufacture a high-quality brass or steel roll die per your specifications to fit your rolling marking machine or for manual use. Or, if your roll die includes interchangeable segments, we will manufacture them per your specifications so that they can be secured in place with screws.

The Benefits of Roll Die Embossing For Leatherworkers

Roll die embossing has many benefits for leatherwork, including:

  • Image and fonts are flat faced to prevent scoring
  • Dies can be custom made to order
  • These products are capable of high detail

From prototype to production, Devore Engraving’s innovative technologies and experienced staff means less risk and more savings for you. Contact us today to request a quote!

What Can You Expect?

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