Roll Dies

Devore Engraving can manufacture roll dies to meet customer drawings and specifications. Roll dies provide a simple and efficient solution for marking repetitive information on products that are moving or roll engraving with a roll marking machine. These products are made with precise attention to detail. Roll dies are suitable for marking many different products such as building materials like siding and roofing, bars, tubes, hoses, wire and cable, gun barrels and gun parts, as well as many more products. Dies can be furnished with any size or amount of lettering in one or more lines. They also can be manufactured with permanent marking legends or removable inserts and roll marking dies can be a great way to mark bulk amounts of product with great efficiency. Inserts can include individual or logo-type characters. In addition, all dies are produced for easy installation into customer marking machines, and will match all manufacturer specs.

Marking by means of a roll die is both fast and efficient. Roll marking dies can be used in manually operated marking fixtures; hand, air, and hydraulic marking machines; bar markers, and special-purpose marking machines. These roll marking dies solve a wide variety of marking needs. At Devore engraving, we have the ability to engrave part numbers, a manufacturer’s name, or any custom design you desire onto the die by roll dies.

Roll Die Marking

Roll marking is a type of marking method that uses a roll die mounted on a roll marking press, engine lathe, turret lathe, or screw machine. The die form is circular and the roll marking machine applies pressure as the die is rolled over the marking surface. Due to the relatively small point of contact, the roll-marking method requires only a fraction of the pressure that would be needed to mark the same legend by a press method. The roll die marking method is used exclusively when marking uneven surfaces. Roll marking dies are able to follow an uneven surface, while at the same time keeping the depth of the impression being made uniform. Devore Engraving’s roll dies and roll marking die method makes for an efficient process for a variety of industries.

Devore Engraving specializes in quick turn around for on time and on budget products. Our engineering staff is immediately available to assist with roll marking dies product development and we offer custom marking dies that are done by experienced experts and disciplined engineers. Devore Engraving is able to execute even the most complex marking needs for many industries. Roll Marking dies can be used to mark products and equipment across many industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Canning
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forgers
  • Key makers
  • Leatherworkers
  • Mining
  • Mold makers
  • Railroad
  • Solar

These marking dies can be used in marking machines in a rolling application or roll engraving, rather than striking against the part that needs to be marked. Typical roll marking machine applications include continuous roll marking, bar marking, roll engraving, and marking the outer circumference of round parts in production. Some roll engraving options that are available are tooling, master rolls, laser rolls, and digital transfer technology. This method is the most economical way to permanently mark cylindrical shaped parts where marking wraps around the circumference of a part. Our roll dies are custom machined to fit a wide variety of roll marking machines and are made to order. Devore’s marking dies are stretched out across a variety of industries that involves marking metal products. Customers and clients are certain that our custom roll marking dies are done with the highest quality and techniques.

Our marking die capabilities allows our customers to:

  • Achieve deep marks with less stress on the marking area
  • Reach a very fast cycle time, which reduces costs for high volume jobs
  • Reproduce marking image and depth from piece to piece with no variation

We have the ability to manufacture roll dies that meets our customers specifications. Devore Engraving provides roll dies that mark repetitive details on products rolling or moving. Roll dies can provide an efficient solution to mark on products across many different industries with Devore’s roll dies marking solutions. We are part of a high-quality and reliable roll marking die service that provides well qualified staff who can execute the most difficult roll marking die requests with precision and accuracy. Our roll marking die services are available to a wide variety of industries with a fast turn around time. Contact Devore Engraving today for and request your quote.

Devore Engraving has years of experience in providing cutting edge technology with fast lead times for roll marking dies. Our fair pricing and services span across a wide variety of industries with reliable custom roll marking die abilities. The roll marking
dies allow customers to make deep marks with less stress on the area being marked and reproduce the marking image as well as the depth for each piece with no variation. The service that we provide our customers with makes roll marking dies reach a fast cycle time and that will reduce the costs of high volume jobs. Our marking dies are manufactured to your exact specifications. We provide high quality marking dies that are heat treated to make sure that they withstand continual usage and can be designed with many holding features.

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