Custom Embossing Die Sets

At Devore Engraving we provide a full range of engraving and embossing die sets services. We understand that more and more industries are using roller dies and embossing dies due to its durability as well as quality. Contact Devore Engraving today and request a quote for your embossing dies and engraving needs.

Industrial Embossing Dies Services

Devore Engraving can incorporate your logo or type to create emboss and deboss dies that you can use to leave a long lasting impression on your product. All of our dies are custom manufactured to meet customer drawings and specifications. Our experience, along with new technologies, computerization, and advanced engraving techniques ensures a perfect result, every time.

As a company, our commitment to on-time delivery means fast turnaround times. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we guarantee parts made to your exact specifications. Devore engraving is committed to providing your company with the embossing dies needed to convey your brand image through your products and packaging. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery is unsurpassed in the industry.

Embossing vs. Debossing

Embossing involves creating a three-dimensional raised-up image or design, while debossed materials have the required design pressed into them, so that the resulting image is indented below the surface. Simply put, embossing creates a raised impression in the material being stamped. Debossing creates a sunken impression. The embossing process is achieved by using a male and a female mating die to raise the pattern above the surface of the material being embossed.

Embossing dies can be used for:

  • Raised designs
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Decorative applications


All of our dies are custom manufactured to meet customer drawings and specifications. Dies are produced for easy installation into customer marking machines, and match manufacturer specs. In addition, we create dies that can emboss artwork into any flat or contoured surface. Our CNC and CAD abilities allow us to precisely and easily replicate any image into a die from your supplied artwork or a CAD file.

Devore Engraving has the ability to create the custom embossing dies that you need for an existing product changeover, new item, or current product makeover. Our experienced team will create the best-engineered solution for you. 

Call Devore Engraving today for your embossing dies and debossing needs!

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