Custom Metal Machine Stamps

Custom metal machine stamps are essential tools in various industries for marking, identifying, and branding metal objects. These stamps are tailored to specific needs, with types ranging from hand-held stamps for small-scale operations to automated machine stamps for mass production. Common types include letter and number stamps for serial numbers, logos, and symbols for branding, and date stamps for quality control. They offer precision, durability, and versatility in marking metal surfaces, ensuring clear and lasting impressions.

Machine Stamps & Custom Metal Stamping Dies

Devore Engraving is a full service engraving shop that offers our clients everything from machining, engraving stamps for metal, custom steel stamps, to specialized heat treating. Our lead times are competitive and based on customer needs. Our experienced technicians and operators offer a diverse range of die types and allow for high numbered production volume for custom metal stamping dies. We at Devore Engraving are dedicated to providing quality engraving stamps for metal and custom steel stamps.

Our wide range of cnc machines, advanced technologies, and experience working with diverse materials allows us to produce the custom precision metal stamps needed by the automotive, metal packaging, can manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, mining, railroad, and solar industries, among others. Experts at Devore Engraving can create any customized engraving stamps for metal, such as custom steel stamps, that you may need.


Types Of Metal Stamping Products We Offer

Stamps can be used to mark:

  • Part Numbers
  • Dates
  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Custom or Special Designs

Our custom metal stamps and engraving stamps allow you to mark small objects. Compared to other marking methods, metal stamps are a cost-effective and permanent marking solution. They are also specifically designed for ease of use and can be used over and over again. We are part of a high-quality and reliable custom metal stamping dies service that has well qualified staff that can execute the most difficult custom metal stamping requests with precision and accuracy. Our custom metal stamping dies services are available to a wide variety of industries with a fast turn around time.

Sizes of Custom Metal Machine Stamps

Custom metal machine stamps come in small, medium, and large sizes, each serving distinct purposes. Small stamps are intricate, ideal for jewelry and electronics. Medium stamps offer versatility for industrial marking, while large stamps are for heavy-duty applications like automotive and aerospace.
Size Use
Small Small custom metal machine stamps are ideal for intricate designs and fine details. They are commonly used for marking jewelry, electronic components, and small machinery parts. Their precision makes them suitable for applications where space is limited or where intricate marking is required.
Medium Medium-sized custom metal machine stamps are versatile and widely used for various industrial applications. They are suitable for marking medium-sized components, tools, and equipment. These stamps offer a balance between detail and size, making them suitable for marking serial numbers, part numbers, and logos on a range of metal surfaces.
Large Large custom metal machine stamps are designed for marking large metal objects or surfaces. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction for marking large components, structural elements, and assemblies. These stamps provide clear and legible markings on bulky or heavy-duty metal parts, ensuring efficient identification and tracking throughout the manufacturing process.

Trust Our Technology

Our experience, along with new technologies, computerization and advanced engraving techniques ensure that we can meet your needs. Devore Engraving specializes in quick turn around custom metal stamping dies. Our engineering staff is immediately available to assist with custom metal stamping die product development. We offer custom metal stamping dies that are created by experienced experts and disciplined engineers. Devore Engraving is able to execute even the most complex custom metal stamping dies. Our CNC and CAD capabilities allow us to machine and engrave custom steel stamps, including:
  • Industrial Steel Stamps
  • Custom Steel Dies
  • Custom Hand Stamps
  • Custom Roll Dies
  • Custom Embossing Die Sets
  • Custom Inserts for Holders
  • Aluminum, Brass, Plastic or Steel Plate Engraving
Our investment in technology allows us to manufacture parts with either flat or curved surfaces and that contain single-line or multiple-line marking. As a leader in this field since 1963, we pride ourselves on cutting-edge innovation and are constantly upgrading our technology to serve our clients better. Devore’s custom steel stamps and engraving stamps are stretched out across a variety of industries that involve marking metal products. Customers and clients are guaranteed that our custom steel stamps are done with the highest quality and techniques. Devore Engraving delivers quality custom metal stamps and we are committed to meeting your needs. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about how our engraving shop has the ability to duplicate any parts or prints that are required for your specific needs. Many industries rely on our full services engraving shop. Devore Engraving’s custom metal stamping die specializes in quick turn with our skilled engineering staff. We understand that custom metal stamping dies requires expertise and discipline. With our engineering expertise and equipment we can make your unique designs concepts and successfully execute any custom metal stamping dies. Contact Devore Engraving and Request a quote for your custom metal stamp needs. Devore Engraving has years of experience in providing cutting edge technology with fast lead times for custom metal stamps. Our fair pricing and services span across a wide variety of industries with reliable custom metal stamping abilities. Our stamps can be used to mark parts numbers, dates, logos, signatures, and custom designs. The metal stamps offer a cost-effective and permanent marking solutions for a wide range of industries. Our custom metal die stamps are manufactured to your exact specifications. We provide high quality dies that are heat treated to make sure that they withstand continual usage and can be designed with many holding features. Contact Devore Engraving for your custom steel stamps, custom roll dies, and any other industrial steel stamp needs. 

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